clvmd issue with RH/Centos 6.9 update
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Andrea Costantino
2017-04-11 10:35:18 UTC
Hello fellow cluster guys,

I just upgraded my CentOS cluster to 6.9 and after a node reboot I
discovered that the clvm functionality was broken.

Long story made short, I tracked it back to clvmd process being hung with
one CPU stuck.

The quick and dirty solution was to rollback kernel to version
2.6.32-642.15.1.el6.x86_64, and the problem did not happen anymore.

Anyway after opening a bugzilla, RH guys pointed me to the real issue, that
is a libqb thread issue.

The bug (containing the temporary fix, waiting for the next packages
upgrade) is tracked here:


Hope it helps others.



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