gfs2-utils 3.1.10 released
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Andrew Price
2017-03-28 16:11:42 UTC
Hi all,

I am happy to announce the 3.1.10 release of gfs2-utils. This is the
first release of gfs2-utils since the project was moved to Pagure git
hosting and is a relatively small release, mainly adding polish and
stability improvements over 3.1.9. This release includes the following
notable changes:

* Various fsck.gfs2 checking and performance improvements
* Better handling of odd block device geometry in mkfs.gfs2
* gfs2_edit savemeta leaf chain block handling fixes
* Now builds with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
* libuuid is now used to handle UUIDs instead of custom functions
* New --enable-gprof configure option for profiling
* Unaligned access-related fixes for sparc64
* Documentation improvements

See below for a complete list of changes.

The source tarball is available from:


Please report bugs against the gfs2-utils component of Fedora rawhide:


Changes since version 3.1.9:

Andrew Price (30):
fsck.gfs2: Initialize removed_lastmeta in delete_block_if_notdup
glocktop: Check the return value of fgets()
libgfs2: Propagate the value of gfs2_rindex.__pad
mkfs.gfs2: Tidy up are_you_sure()
gfs2-utils: Add --enable-gprof to configure
gfs2_convert: Fix misleading indentation warning
gfs2-utils: Build with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
gfs2-utils: Add a configure check for libuuid
gfs2-utils: Use libuuid for uuid handling
gfs2-utils tests: Disable timeout for check_rgrp
fsck.gfs2: Handle gfs2_readi() errors in check_statfs()
gfs2_edit savemeta: Factor out the bh saving code
gfs2_edit savemeta: Don't read rgrp blocks twice
gfs2_edit savemeta: Follow lf_next
gfs2_edit: Fix unaligned access in restore_init()
gfs2_edit: Fix unaligned accesses due to saved_metablock size
gfs2_edit savemeta: Split out the rgrp saving code
gfs2_edit savemeta: Save corrupt rgrp headers
gfs2-utils tests: Re-enable a fsck.gfs2 test
gfs2-utils: Rename README.build to README
gfs2-utils: README file improvements
mkfs.gfs2: Add an extended option for device topology testing
mkfs.gfs2: Warn when device is misaligned
mkfs.gfs2: Disable rgrp alignment when dev topology is unsuitable
mkfs.gfs2: Disregard device topology if zero-sized sectors reported
gfs2-utils tests: Add tests for device topology handling in mkfs.gfs2
gfs2-utils README: List libuuid as a dependency
gfs2-utils docs: Update some URLs
gfs2_edit: Clarify savemeta output file type in docs
gfs2-utils/po: Update translation template

Bob Peterson (10):
fsck.gfs2: "undo" functions can stop too early on duplicates
fsck.gfs2: link count checking wrong inode's formal inode number
fsck.gfs2: check formal inode number when links go from 1 to 2
gfs2_edit: Add rgrepair option
libgfs2: Make rg repair do better sanity checks on rindex
fsck.gfs2: Prevent rgrp segment overflow
fsck.gfs2: allow rindex recovery when too many segments
fsck.gfs2: Repair rindex entries that were destroyed
fsck.gfs2: Remember the previous rgrp pointer for speed
fsck.gfs2: Make pass2 go by directory rbtree for performance
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